The 30 Minute Potato-Cauliflower (Aloo-Gobhi) Curry

Welcome to the kitchen of the girl who is always in a rush.

I have always loved to cook, but I’m too lazy to invest much time in it. Combined with my laziness is my procrastination. I believe that by delaying the actual process of cooking, the food would somehow get ready faster (eh, what?) On top of that, I also have to watch the amount of oil I use. Somehow trying to balance time, level of difficulty, calorie count and yumminess takes the fun out of cooking.

If you agree with the above, you’re at the right place! I have been cooking for myself for more than 10 years and have finally found some dishes which provide me a good balance of fast-easy-low fat-yummy. Most of these I learned from my mum and tweaked as per my needs. Some I made up as I went.

On this page, you would find recipes that would never take more than 30-45 minutes of your time; would never take more than the minimum required oil content and would never disappoint you on the yum factor. I open the doors of my kitchen, which has sent home quite a few happy diners over the years, to you so that those who believe they can’t cook can prove themselves wrong!

So if you’re interested to know what she is cooking today, Welcome!

To jump straight to the recipe, click on the link mentioned in the post.

I am going to start today with one of my, and probably the whole country’s, favourites – the Aloo Gobhi Sabzi (Potato-Cauliflower Curry). One of the first curries any Indian teenager learns to cook from their mum, and one of the few curries that never disappoints. You can serve this gravy with plain steamed rice, mildly flavoured rice, Tawa Chapatis, Tandoori Roti or even Naan.

Click on the link below for a step by step description of the process.

Time taken for prep: 15 minutes

Time taken for the pressure cooker to whistle: 3-5 minutes

Time taken for the pressure to release: 7-10 minutes

In 30 minutes or less, you have a simple, low cal, yummy Aloo Gobhi curry on your table.
You can play around with the number of tomatoes and amount of water.

Watch this space for more such handy, easy to prepare recipes.

Coming soon on the blog:

Aloo Gobhi Dry South Indian style

Muttar Paneer 3 different ways and 3 different tastes!

Stay tuned for all this and more. Until we meet again, happy cooking 🙂


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