Home-made Atta Halwa in 20 Minutes!

Halwa. One word that can make me go weak in the knees. If you want to make me cry, you could just make atta halwa and not give it to me. Thankfully, I learned how to make this elixir that sustains me. And I learned it from my mother over phone. NOT KIDDING.

This was when I had joined my first job in Bangalore, many many miles away from home. One fine day, I just woke up and badly wanted halwa. Halwa is my comfort food; I must have needed comfort. Don’t really remember. What I do remember is calling my mom and telling her I needed to learn how to make halwa, right then and there. She was as flabbergasted as you must be, right now, reading this. She anyway guided me through the procedure, yelled at me a couple of times (customary); and thus began our tradition of learning how to cook on phone. Believe you me, I’ve learned pretty much everything I know, from her, on phone. I now extend the same “Mother’s love” privilege to my Mother-in-law 😀

Anyhoo, if I can learn how to make halwa on phone, you can learn it (if you don’t know how to) by reading it here! 🙂 So let’s get started!


Flour/Atta (any, I used Mixed grain) – 1.5 cups

Melted Clarified Butter/Ghee (I use cow ghee) – 1 cup

Sugar – 1.5 cups

Water – 5 cups

Ideally the proportion of atta:ghee:sugar should be 1:1:1. However, if your atta-ghee mixture looks too liquid, you can add more atta to bring it to the right consistency.
Sugar entirely to taste, I’ve started making it sweeter because of my husband who likes it extra sweet.


1. Heat ghee in a large pan. Add atta to it when hot and mix well. It should be bubbling, much like the picture.


  1. Ensure  that the ghee is melted, solid ghee almost doubles in volume when it melts. 
  2. Do not be deceived by the amount of ghee and flour, it’ll swell up a lot more later. Ensure you use a much larger pan that it seems you need.

2. Keep stirring constantly. The colour will begin to darken, it should be a light golden brown now. 


3. Keep stirring constantly, or it will burn very fast. By now it should be darker.

The actual colour is a little darker, the camera didn’t quite catch it. 

Keep checking the colour and smell for signs of burning. Do stop before it burns 😀

4. When it takes that colour, it’s time to add water. Add water slowly, while stirring constantly and fast. This is VERY VERY IMPORTANT, otherwise it will form lumps. 

See, the picture is a blur. Dashed difficult clicking pictures with one hand while doing Olympic level stirring with the other hand.

5. Add sugar now. Keep stirring. It’s going to be bubbling away like crazy. It will splatter and it can burn you real nice (Experience). So take care of that, maybe use the longest ladle you have or stand as far from it as possible.

6. Keep stirring. Ensure there are no lumps. It should be of a very smooth consistency. Even if it looks runny, remember that the Ghee will solidify and the Halwa will set later. 

It should be a beautiful chocolate brown colour now. Don’t be afraid of the colour, atta halwa is always lovely caramel brown. 

Ladle it out, let it cool and set a bit before serving. If you see mine, the motlen ghee can be seen at the sides. Give it a little while to cool down and it will set properly. 


Aaaand we’re done! Serve the tastiest, smoothest, melt in your mouth dessert you’ve ever eaten. Even if you’re not Indian, you must try this once. MUST.

Total Time Taken: 20 Minutes

I want to make it again because I’m craving it while writing about it. Go ahead and make it asap. Let me know how it went! 🙂



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